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Why choose Herbalife rather than another brand?

Sep 20, 18
Why choose Herbalife rather than another brand?

There is an army of other brands that allow you to take food supplements, make good breakfasts and consume good proteins. We can cite Myprotein, So shape, Itworks, Gerlinea, Foodspring, Natural mojo, beachbody, juice plus, Hinode  and many other brands that are also of high quality. We will see why choose herbalife for a healthier diet, to lose weight or to gain muscle!

All the advantages of choosing Herbalife

Herbalife is one of the biggest nutrition heavyweights, offering both meal replacements and high performance food supplements. If you have to choose between several brands, this is why Herbalife is a good choice to be able to start your fitness.

First, there is the human aspect:

  • Of Herbalife coaches  or ambassadors are available to follow you, reach your goals and optimize your diet.
  • Of free sports sessions  or paid are offered to Herbalife consumers, often outdoors. These moments are friendly and allow you to meet other people motivated by a healthier lifestyle.
  • Herbalife is a network marketing opportunity  which allows you to get a salary supplement or even become financially independent and leave the rat race.
  • All products are developed using nutritionists, sportsmen. same  Ronaldo  consume Herbalife products!
  • There is an excellent after-sales service and you get your order very quickly by 3 to 5 working days with express delivery by Herba !

Beyond the human side, there is the quality of food and the diversity of products offered:

  • Each product provides essential nutrients for its well being.
  • All products are certified GMO free!
  • Some products are gluten free !
  • The products are made with quality ingredients and offer a Excellent value !
  • There are ranges for losing weight or for building muscle.
  • The products have been produced with more than 220 doctors including 1 Nobel Prize in medicine  (it's the only brand to have it!), Check the name of Louis Ignarro.
  • The sport range is anti-doping.
  • All products are traceable to SeedToFeed  allowing to know where the food comes from their harvest to the production of our delicious breakfasts.
  • The products are developed alongside crop fields, at the top to reduce the impact of transport.
  • Other complementary products in capsules make it possible to supplement specific needs.
  • The tastes are varied and delicious!

In short, as many aspects that reassure the quality and standards of Herbalife as the diversity of products that allow vary your diet. However, you must have heard a lot of trouble on Herbalife. As usual, every concept that comes from network marketing can be disturbing and I'll explain why.


Why Some Criticize Herbalife And Give Negative Reviews

Some will tell you that Herbalife had legal concerns and ... It's true! But not for the quality of its products, simply for its marketing which is from time to time compared to pyramid selling which I explain to you here.

Thus, it is the sales process that makes an army of people able to become Herbalife ambassadors. Some coaches, more motivated by money than by well-being, destroy brand image and burn everything in their path  : coach too insistent, to spit on other brands that also do a very good job and to make Herbalife sacred, too aggressive prospecting method without respecting the client ... The systems that work unfortunately have drifts.

So, if you search the internet, Herbalife reviews are geared towards:

  • The sales system  criticized by those who know nothing about marketing and business creation. The current system which allows the seller to receive commissions on other sellers is perfectly legal and approved in Europe.
  • Those who had no results  but who especially did not persevere in their weight gain. There is no longer any need to demonstrate product results if you stick to a rigorous program. After that, it is certain that the products are more successful for some than for others.
  • Those who have unfortunately had bad experiences  with overly aggressive coaches. A good coach will take you in hand and will really help you reach your goals without forcing yourself to do anything. Forgive these bad coaches who are motivated by greed, I am sure you can find excellent ones on our site or in your city!
  • Herbalife's competitors, which inevitably its many and make defamation, the bad languages ​​are often those which did not try the concept.

The products are validated by doctors, I invite you to read the ingredients and read the content on seedtofeed  to follow the traceability of all the ingredients. If you want order your Herbalife nutrition products at the best price, it's now or never :-)


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