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What is a pine or pine Herbalife?

Jan 27, 21
What is a pine or pine Herbalife?

Herbalife has been providing products for more than thirty years for men's well-being. The company created by Mark Hughes has therefore specialized in nutrition. The purpose of this company is to help all men and women achieve the goals they have set in the field of maintenance and weight loss. The US company has set up several strategies to easily reach all its potential customers. It has created a network of communication based on network marketing. Herbalife moved closer to her clients together with her independent distributors and sellers. Moreover, they benefit from the MLM system of society. Indeed, they are able to evolve in the hierarchy of society and change grades. These grades can be appointed by the Herbalife pines

History of Herbalife


Herbalife - Herbalife Pins is a society specialized in nutrition


Before we focus on the operation of Herbalife, it would be interesting to know his story. Herbalife was born in February 1980 in New York in the United States. It was created by Mark Hughes. The latter started by gradually selling nutritional products (mainly food supplements) and products fighting against obesity. Mark Hughes put his products in the trunk of his car and sold them on supermarket car parks or by doing door-to-door. Mark Hughes products quickly experienced a big success, and have been quickly exported to Canada.

In 1982, Herbalife already offers many products. This includes nutritional products, but also beauty products such as facial and body care products. The company quickly exceeds the two million dollars of turnover. Despite the death of Mark Hughes in 2OOO, his company continues to prosper. Herbalife Nutrition even exceeds $ 1 billion in turnover in 2006. Currently, Herbalife is headed by Michael O. Johns and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Herbalife has the status of anonymous company with public offer of financial securities (commonly referred to as Public Company in the United States). Herbalife works according to the principle of network marketing or the multi level marketing (MLM). To be clearer, the main object of activity is multi-level network marketing. The company uses a distributor system to market its products.

What is the operating mode of Herbalife?

Herbalife is a very structured company. His economic model based on the MLM allowed him to expand quickly in several countries of the world. Herbalife has managed to satisfy its millions of customers, but also allowed its members to make money.

Become a Herbalife member is also within the reach of everyone. As long as you want to start in the distribution of Herbalife products, you can do it without problem. For this purpose, you will have to register. For example, you can do it directly on our site.

Herbalife Pins: Herbalife Registration


Herbalife Pins - Register on the company's website


The registration process to become a Herbalife member is quite simple. You will have to go to the site and follow the procedure. It will first be necessary to choose a godfather. Indeed, affiliation to a godfather is mandatory for any new member of Herbalife. You will have to provide personal information, but also those of your godfather or sponsor. The registration itself will be finished after you have entered the information relating to your order and your payment method. After this step, you will submit your application to Herbalife and you will wait for an answer from them.

Also, after your registration, you will need to buy a mini Herbalife Membership Pack. His acquisition is mandatory for any new member. It is not very expensive, but its price depends on the country in which you are. After becoming a member of the Grande Herbalife family, you will have the independent home seller status. This is the first level in society. Then you can start by working little by little to progress in the network hierarchy. For this, you will have to make sales and start at the same time by making money.

Make money with Herbalife is relatively easy. In addition, there are many ways to get there.

Herbalife Pins: Herbalife's Remuneration Modes

There are many ways to make money with Herbalife. The simplest way is the purchase and sale of Herbalife products. This mode of remuneration allows all independent home sellers to make money. The principle is very simple. The independent seller buys the products and sells them to his clients. He can thus realize a profit margin 25 to 50%.

Then the Herbalife distributor can make money through commissions. Indeed, an independent seller can build a team to expand a little more the company's sales network. Certainly, he will not gain money on the recruitment of his team, but he will win commissions on sales that they will realize. Commissions can be between 7 and 25%.

Herbalife's third mode of remuneration concerns royalties premiums. This commission is intended for distributors who reach a certain level of activity and whose distributor team also reaches a good level of sales. If both conditions are fulfilled, the distributor will receive an amount equivalent to 5% of sales made by his team of active distributors on the first three levels of the marketing network. These premiums also represent a nice sum and could inflate your general gains at Herbalife.

In addition to these three modes of remuneration of distributors, there are still other ways to earn money directly from the Herbalife Society. However, to have access to these commissions, it is necessary to evolve in the hierarchy or rise in grade.

Herbalife Pins: What is the organization of Herbalife network marketing?


Herbalife Pins - The Company is based on the MLM


Herbalife chose network marketing to expand and it is a very reliable system. As with all network marketing, Herbalife is structured in levels. At the lowest level, that is, at the first level, independent sellers are found or distributors. These are sellers or distributors who are still sponsored by other distributors. They will evolve in the hierarchy if they succeed in sponsoring other sellers too. It is by succeeding in sponsoring new distributors and creating a dynamic team and motivated that distributors evolve at level.

If their turnover increases properly, they will be able to switch from distributors to active supervisor. The active supervisor will already begin by claiming certain premiums if he works correctly and his distributors become supervisor. This is particularly the case for royalties that account for about 5% of sales by distributors from the first three levels. However, it should be noted that one does not jump from the rank of members to find himself directly to that of supervisor. Here are the different stages of Herbalife success:

  • Member;
  • Senior consultant;
  • Builder of success;
  • Qualified producer;
  • Active supervisor ;
  • World Team;
  • Get Team;
  • Millionaire team;
  • PRESIDENT TEAM (President's team).

It must be said that it is not necessary to go through the stages of senior consultant, success builder or qualified producer to be active supervisor. Also, it should be noted that to evolve in the hierarchy, you have to accumulate volume points.

What are the volume points represent?

The volume points There are nothing but the compilation of sales made by a supervisor. The volume is the main element of the company's sales and marketing plan. It allows you to advance in the hierarchy and increase in grade. Indeed, at each Herbalife product is awarded a number of volume points. These volume points are identical in all countries of the world (which is not necessarily the case for prices). However, herbalife start packs or promotional and literature items are worthless volume.

When you buy the Company's products, you will gain the number of volume points equivalent to the ordered products. All these volume points will cumulate and allow you first to evolve in the hierarchy of the sales plan. Then they will allow you to benefit from all the benefits inherent in your new grade.

The volume points earned are credited in many ways in your account. It all depends on the person who bought the products, his rank, the percentage of discount which it enjoys and several other factors in the Herbalife sales plan. Finally, the accumulation of volume points is done monthly. This is the number of cumulative points that will allow you to determine your grade.

Herbalife Pins: Points volumes per grade and benefits related to each grade

Along in Herbalife, you also benefit from some benefits and premiums. The more you will evolve in the hierarchy, the more you will gain money.

Herbalife Pins: Senior Consultant

To reach the senior consultant grade, it will be necessary to cumulate during a single month 500 volume points. With this status, you will be able to receive a 35-42% discount on the product price. You will be able to increase your benefits when resale to your customers.

Herbalife Pins: Builder of success

The successful builder has the advantage of being able to benefit from a 42% discount on the selling price. This discount will also take into account all orders that have been previously spent in the month. In order to become a successful builder, it will be necessary to make a single order of 1000 points.

Herbalife Pins: qualified producer

To become a qualified producer, it is necessary to cumulate 2500 points volumes over a period of one to three months or use 1500 points volumes of your distributors (those at the lower scale). By achieving this status, you can benefit from a 42% discount as well as commissions calculated on sales of your lower lines.

Herbalife Pins: active supervisor

The active supervisor can benefit from a 50% discount and thus increase its profit margin on the sale of products. It also becomes eligible for royalties premiums. It will be able to participate in training and special workshops. In order to reach the grade of supervisor, it will be necessary to cumulate 4000 points In one month or 4000 points over a period of 2 consecutive months.

Herbalife Pins: World Team

The Grade of World Team is accessible with 2500 volume points for 4 consecutive months. Either, the distributor cumulates 10000 points in a single month. For this degree, you will benefit from all the advantages of supervisors. You will also enjoy a World Team package with a World Team certificate.

Herbalife Pins: Get Team

To reach the grade of Get Team, it will be necessary to cumulate 1000 points volumes for 3 consecutive months. This rank entitles you to all the benefits of supervisors as well as a herbalife pines of the global expansion team. The grade of Get Team also gives entitlement to a production premium representing 2% of the volume of organization of your lower line.

Herbalife Pins: Millionaire Team

Skip to the TEAM millionaire rank will benefit from several benefits, including a plate and a millionaire Milliona team pins. It also makes it possible to obtain a production premium representing 4% of the volume of organization of the lower lines after two months. To be legitimate at the rank of Millionaire Team, 4000 points of royalties must be accumulated for three consecutive months.

Herbalife Pins: President Team

To qualify for the grade of President Team, 10000 points must be completed for three consecutive months. After three months of waiting, the President Team may receive a production premium representing 2 to 6% of the volume of organization of the lower lines.

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