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Herbalife and Cristiano Ronaldo: Why did he choose this partnership?

Jan 06, 21
Herbalife and Cristiano Ronaldo: Why did he choose this partnership?

Herbalife Nutrition is a company that has existed for more than 40 years and is appreciated by a large number of people because of the quality products it offers. It is not surprising that the football star Cristiano Ronaldo chooses to become a Herbalife partner. In this article, find out what Herbalife Nutrition and why Cristiano Ronaldo chose the Herbalife partnership.

What is Herbalife Nutrition?

Herbalife is a company specialized in the marketing of nutritional products such as substitutes and food supplements. Created in 1980 by Mark Hughes in Los Angeles, Herbalife helps consumers improve their nutrition and have a way of life Active, healthy and balanced. Present today in more than 90 countries around the world, the company is primarily addressed to three types of customers. First, there are those who are looking for well-being and who want to find better shape thanks to better diet.

Then there are those looking to control or lose weight. In this category, Herbalife does not offer a diet, but rather a more balanced diet supported by its products while encouraging the practice of physical activity. Finally, there are athletes to whom the company dedicates a specific range to meet their specific nutritional needs.

The range of Herbalife Sport products

For athletes, Herbalife has designed specific products for their sporting nutrition. The product line developed by the company allows them to meet different challenges, optimize their workouts, and increase their sporting performance. Whatever type of athlete you are, Herbalife has the products you need to help you prepare, train and recover. The product range is easily customizable depending on the training program athlete. Here are the products of the Herbalife range 24:

  • Hydrate (hypotonic drink);
  • Prolong;
  • Rebuild Strength;

Why Cristiano Ronaldo agrees to sign a Herbalife partnership?

Since 2013, the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a herbalife contract with society. In fact, many people wonder why he accepted this partnership. In interviews, the football star gave some of his reasons.

The footballer Cristiano Ronaldo loves to play ball, his body is his working instrument, it's "A weapon for me" did he declare. It is aware that even if you are talented, if you hurt it, you will never be the best. So, it is very careful about what he eats, and takes supplements. He is convinced that recover after training and after playing is important for his performance. For Cristiano Ronaldo, supplementation is one of the most important things in football, whether before and after training. He likes to have a performance benefit during the competition, which Herbalife products allow him to have. That's why he chose to enter into partnership with Herbalife.

He claims that society gives him the drink he likes. It is therefore an honor for him to collaborate with Herbalife. Speaking of his partnership with society, he says: "They like to work with me, I like working with them. They are professional and they are honest ". For the footballer who believes in the importance of good nutrition, whether on or off the ground, Herbalife shares his passion and has the necessary expertise and knowledge in the field of sports nutrition.

Then he adds that if he does not train and does not feel his body as it should, he will not be the best. In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo extended his partnership with Herbalife. This partnership will extend until 2021, extending a relationship that has begun since 2013.

The opinion of Cristiano Ronaldo on the CR7 product of Herbalife

Herbalife's quest is health and well-being. The company wants people to have a healthy, active and balanced way of life. About Herbalife CR7 Reviews, the player claims that Herbalife understands how important nutrition is for his performance. For this, the company has therefore designed a product that really works with Cristiano Ronaldo to give it a performance benefit during the competition. He does not hide that he appreciated working with the Herbalife Scientific Team in order to develop CR7 Drive, a sports drink designed to eat quickly after workouts.

"It's personally and professionally gratifying to help other athletes from around the world to discover how a nutrient can help them improve their performances," said Cristiano Ronaldo. In an interview, he revealed that the company offers very effective products and that it tries to give its opinion, and not just because both parties work together.

In addition, to support his diet, Cristiano Ronaldo begins his day taking a good breakfast. This brings to his body a balanced mixture of protein, carbohydrates and healthy lipids during the day. As strict as its eating habits, the footballer admits that it is not for all a few differences. He tries to eat well, to take food supplements and hydrate well.

Where to find Herbalife Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 products?

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 products are not sold in large areas. On our website you will find products at a cheap herbalife price. You will also find the products with the various distributors of the company. If you already know a herbalife distributor, you can inquire about product prices. It should be recalled that you must purchase the Herbalife products only from independent members or distributors who have received permission to sell with their Licence.

Is Herbalife a scandal society?

Herbalife Partnership - Scandal Society?

Every year you will find a lot of voucher on society. Apart from the quality of the products questioned, some people like to dump on the fact that Herbalife is a scandal society even in 2019. The reason is that Herbalife has been charged several times to be A pyramidal company, which is not the case.

In reality, the main characteristic of a pyramidal company lies in the fact that the distributors of the company generate more money by sponsoring godchildren and not by selling products. With Herbalife, the money gain is not done on the recording of new members. Even if a new member is recruited, it does not bring anything if the latter does not consume or does not sell the products. It is wrong that society is judged by pyramidal because if it had been the case, Herbalife could have been highlighted as such. However, many investigations that have been carried out on Herbalife, none accused the company to be a pyramid system. Although Netflix Betting on Zero documentary on Herbalife has made scandal, the legitimacy of society ended up being proven. In addition, if a company is pyramidal, it can not stand on the market more than 5 years, because it ends up collapsing. However, Herbalife exists since 1980 and continues to stand on the market.

Reviews about Herbalife in 2020

Herbalife is a company with strong bases. Several people are looking for reviews on Herbalife to find out if they need to become consumers or distributors. First of all, the company offers products of excellent quality that really meet the needs of consumers. These are effective and there are no contraindications or side effect as can be seen in some contents or comments.

In 2018, Herbalife products were labeled as dangerous because they would have developed diseases in some people. It should be known that the products of society are not miraculous. If you consume them while having bad eating habits, you will probably get bad results. However, we always recommend that those who have doubts about taking products or health problemsSpecific to consult their doctor for medical advice on Herbalife products. In 2018, doctors after using the products gave a herbalife positive medical opinion. They recommend them even to those who want to lose weight healthy, have a healthy diet, etc. In addition, if the Herbalife products were such a bad quality as some people are claimed, the Football Star Cristiano Ronaldo would not have agreed that the company becomes its official nutritional partner. Indeed, CR7 can not take the risk of tainting its image.

On the other hand, there is the human shutter that society favors enormously. It develops through a network of distributors with a sufficiently solid team spirit. The different courses, the different clubs allow distributors to meet and stay motivated. In addition, the marketing plan proposes by society is relatively simple to understand. By doing things as it should be, it is not difficult to get his first income.

How to work with Herbalife?

Herbalife Partnership - Working with society

For work with herbalifeYou can become a distributor of the company. For this, it is enough for you to be sponsored by an already active Herbalife member, and fill out an independent herbalife member form. With the progress of technology, you do not need to fill out the paper form and ship it by mail. You can register online by making the site My Herbalife. To get your license, if you want me to be your sponsor, you can use theID 21Y0033682, then the first three letters of my name Hou to register.

To start your activity, you will order your Herbalife Nutrition recording pack that contains all the tools and training media you need to start your business.

How to make money with Herbalife?

In Herbalife, there are different sources for earn income, and it also depends on your evolution in the marketing plan. First, you earn profits on retail, that is, by making the purchase-resale. Depending on your rank in the marketing plan, you will purchase the products with a discount ranging from 25 to 50%. Then you will resell them at your customers' retail price. In this way, you touch a profit that corresponds to the amount of the reduction.

Then come the commissions you earn on the amount of the orders of your members who are not supervisors. By advancing in the marketing plan, you will expand your activity by constituting you a team. It is therefore a commission Whether you win on sales your new distributors. About, you can earn from 7 to 25% commissions.

Another way to make money consists of touching royalties. When developing your business and a member of your lower line becomes supervisor, you will not touch any commissions on his orders, but rather royalties. For this, you must also reach a certain sales volume. The royalties premiums that you can touch can range from 1 to 5% of sales that your active distributors on the first three levels performed. There is also the production bonus that you can win when you reach Get Team.

In summary

In 2013, Cristiano Ronaldo chose to sign a partnership with the Herbalife Nutrition company so that it can help optimize its nutrition by providing a range of sports nutrition products.

This nutritional partnership is based on the fact that both parties are convinced that good nutrition is essential for having a healthy and balanced life, whether in the personal field or in the sports field. It is for this reason that Cristiano Ronaldo agreed to collaborate with Herbalife so that the company develops powerful products sports nutrition. It is therefore a proof that Herbalife products arouse the interest of eminent athletes.

In addition, it is not only with Cristiano Ronaldo that the Herbalife Nutrition company has entered into partnership. She also did it with more than 130 world-class athletes, several teams all over the world. These partnerships are also proof that Herbalife is committed to allow healthy and active life supported by a good diet.

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