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What is the mission of a Herbalife coach?

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What is the mission of a Herbalife coach?

Herbalife coaches and ambassadors have a mission: to bring you a healthier lifestyle through diet and sport to get you back in shape. Weight loss, muscle gain but also endurance, wellness are the missions of Herbalife coaches who will take care of you through personalized follow-ups.

What is a Herbalife coach and ambassador?

Herbalife Nutrition's coaches and ambassadors are independent sellers who defend the brand. They receive an additional income or even a large salary through their activity.

Their goal is to advise you on nutrition and sports to achieve your goals:

These three fitness goals are related to the couple 20% sport and 80% nutrition.

You'll be able to notice quickly:

  • A much better sleep.
  • A less stressed life.
  • You will meet other people as motivated as you.
  • Your body will change.
  • A better hydration.
  • Much more energy during the day.

You will even fall in love with the kitchen, preparing excellent dishes and enjoying sports. It is with a Herbalife Nutrition coach that you will have moral support, advice to progress and improve your diet to achieve your goals. That's his mission!

What will my a Herbalife coach offer me?

Coaching is usually free, it depends on how the coach does it. It will be able to offer you different services:

  • A follow-up on your physical condition to see your results, especially via a high-performance scale.
  • Advice on your nutrition, whether it's On Herbalife products or your diet in general.
  • Sports sessions organized through fit.
  • Opportunities for earn an extra salary offering to also sell Herbalife products around you and start winning a commission.

Your Herbalife coach will then become an active person in your life to whom you can ask for many tips. Please contact us for more information and we look forward to see your "before and after" and your transformation with Herbalife products!

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