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How to not have a stomach ache with Herbalife?

Jan 11, 21
How to not have a stomach ache with Herbalife?

The stomach aches are common in most people. Several specific reasons can explain this fact. But in general, food is the primary manager. Indeed, depending on the tolerance of your body, some foods will create digestive difficulties while others will directly cause bellyaches. Also, it may happen that belly ills express the presence of diseases or some parasites in the belly. In either case, it will be necessary to treat them, to prevent them. Several techniques or products exist for that. This article will focus on the mechanism and products developed by Herbalife Nutrition to overcome the problem of bellyache.

What is bellyaches?


Belly Mals - What You Need


Belly ills are very common signs of an ill-being at the level of the body. Even known under the name "abdominal pain or stomach pain", some stomach ache can be very moderate with a sharp progression margin. Others can even be chronic in the short term. Bellyaches are not just manifestations isolated from the body. Most often, they express the malage of an organ. According to the part of the abdomen, we can try to make a diagnosis. Indeed, it may be either kidneys, liver, appendix, intestine or even genitals.

What are the causes of bellyaches?

Belly Mals - Causes

Despite the diversity of organs that may be involved in stomach ache, they are for the most part direct or indirect consequence of an inadequate diet. Indeed, apart from bacterial, parasitic and genetic diseases, the rest of the diseases of our body is of food origin. Depending on the level of location of pain, a specialist can identify the organs involved, and therefore the origin of the disease.

For example, abdominal pain in the pelvic region could indicate an attack of organs such as kidneys, colon and genitals. On the other hand, a pain located at the top of the belly can express liver dysfunctions (at the level of the liver) or the stomach. It is the same for the localized pains to the left of your abdomen. They express a probable achievement of kidneys or spleen. Finally, abdominal pain on the right could advertise the malabe of intestines or gallbladder. Apart from the location, the intensity of the pain Also help doctors better identify the origin of pain. Doctors know how best to make these locations to make their diagnosis.

Belly ills can go beyond the dysfunctions of the organs of your abdomen. A bad diet can also cause you serious bellyaches. For example, you can have a balloon belly with serious difficulties to digest food. At the same time, your liver can not absorb the gases produced by this difficulty. Everything becomes very unpleasant and you feel the need to relieve you without being able to achieve it.

How to deal with these belly evils?

The various proposals you will have in this article will be related to food. The goal is that you can adopt good eating habits to correct or avoid bellying. For other types of bellyaches, you can be advised to consult a doctor who can better diagnose and bring appropriate treatments.

Physical gestures to fight against bellyaches due to food

To adjust the pains or inconvenience related to the power supply, it will be necessary to take strict resolutions. The first of things to do is to implement some gestures to facilitate transit. Indeed, in these conditions, you should not stay stable or try to sleep. You must try to move to solicit your organization in activities to take it to spend energy. The more he spends, the more he tries to produce it to compensate for them. So, he will have to put the pressure Maximum on the organs responsible for gastric transit to digest and produce energy. You can do inter alia:

  • Cycling: The bike is a great sports exercise to facilitate gastric transit in case of constipation or bellyache. Indeed, during the pedaling of the bike, your body exploits the maximum energy available to move your weight, which is very good. In addition, bike exercise involves your abdomen to keep balance. This means that transit is accelerated to meet these needs. In the same register, swimming is a very good exercise to facilitate transit. It is the same for fast steps of a few minutes.
  • The abs: they are great ways to fight against balloon ventures and facilitate digestion. Also, all exercises to give a belly tone are adapted to effectively fight against belly and even prevent them.

A good diet to fight against bellyaches

As some assertions express, a good diet is a guarantee of a very good health and a bad diet is the source of all diseases (any proportion kept). So you have to adopt food habits that give you good health and who especially avoid your belly ills. The first of things to do is delete or minimize the foods that constitute you. For example, you can remove rich foods from your diet. It is the same for celery, cheese, cabbages and many others.

Also, you must avoid too fat and spicy dishes. It is the same for crudités. For the latter, you will not need to permanently delete them from your diet. A minimum reduction would do the trick. This is very important because these types of foods sufficiently solicit the liver in particular the gallbladder. However, this could lead to risk of spasm and blood bloating.

On the other hand, you must accentuate the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Also, you can properly eat complete cereals. We can cite rice for example. At the same time, do not have a stereotyped or frozen diet. You must diversify it while making sure it is balanced. Nutritional balance will be very important because it allows you to maintain yourself in good health. A fault at this level can create other more serious disorders than the bloated belly. So, you must watch it.

Similarly, to fight against the bloated belly and the indigestion, you can split your meals. We assume that usually you take 3 consistent meals a day. For example, you can break the breakfast in 5 small meals. Finally, take care of chewing food. This facilitates digestion.

Belly Mals: What foods adopted to avoid bloated belly?

Belly Mals - Foods

To no longer have a bloated belly, and facilitate food digestion, Herbalife Nutrition advises you to take:

Fruits and vegetables

We had taken care of explaining the importance of fruits and vegetables in the topic above. Now we offer a number of fruits and vegetables that could help you in the process of digestion. We can mention among others:

The lemon

Lemon plays an important role in gastric transit. It facilitates digestion, and helps the body get rid of fat layers and some toxins present in the colon. This is possible because of citric acid contained in lemon. Also, the lemon gives a considerable contribution of vitamin C to the body because it is a powerful antioxidant.

For better efficiency, we advise you to take it at last morning before taking your breakfast. It will be enough for you to take a lemon, to wash it thoroughly and then cut it into two parts. Then you take a half that you squeeze in a glass of water you are going to drink.


Grapefruit is a bit similar to lemon. It is rich in vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. Also, grapefruit brings very few calories to the body. To consume it, you can do like lemon by taking it in juice or without adding water.


The pineapple is like one of the perfect fruits to have easy gastric transit. Indeed, pineapple is an exotic fruit that contains a very good content of bromeline. Also, it is rich in vitamins. Its sweet flavor indicates the presence of carbohydrates which constitute a source of energy for the body.

A pineapple taken in the morning to the morning and the evening after the meal helps to lose weight and therefore, to fight against bellyaches.

The fruit apple

Unlike the other fruits enumerated, the apple plays a regulatory role. Indeed, apple catches prevent you from nibbling often because they end the feeling of hunger. This allows you to better control your body weight.

The pear

The effect of the pear in the weight loss mechanism is similar to that of the apple. The pear helps much more to cut hunger.


One of the main features of Broccoli is its fiber content. The fibers intervene in the digestion process by promoting rapid digestion. Broccoli is also a fruit that contains very few calories.


The lawyer is a rich fruit in good cholesterol. Regular consumption of the lawyer will increase the level of cholesterol of good quality and therefore, to eliminate the bad cholesterol of the body. In addition, the lawyer is rich in fiber. So, it is effective for gastric transit. Finally, its vitamin content is very beneficial for the body.

Bellyaches: What spices for good digestion?  

Several spices help effectively fight belly and facilitate weight loss at stomach level. Among these spices, we can mention:


Ginger has several virtues that are beneficial to the body in its process of well-being. It has a large antiemetic power, reduces cholesterol levels and facilitates digestion. Similarly, it is recognized by antiseptic properties and anti-inflammatory. This allows him to stimulate the blood system. Finally, ginger also has therapeutic virtues. It is estimated that it is effective in treating nausea. All these properties allow it to be effective against bellyaches.


The turmeric properties for the digestive system are enormous. Indeed, its first role is to protect the digestive system against all food aggression. To do this, Curcuma helps the body in the process of digesting food. This gives it the role of facilitator of the gastric transit. At therapeutic level, the regular swallowing of turmeric through the diet helps to treat gastritis and some inflammations at the intestinal level.

Curcuma also protects the liver against dietary aggression. He actually the same for the stomach. By this role, turmeric fight against belly and overweight abdominal overweight.

What is the effect of hydration in the fight against belly and overweight stomach?

According to Herbalife Nutrition specialists, thehydration plays a fundamental role in food. Indeed, good hydration facilitates digestion and fight against constipations. The resulting direct consequence is that hydration participates in weight loss at the belly level. Also, hydration brings zero calorie to the body, which eliminates toxins and grease present at the belly level. In doing so, it makes it possible to deflate the belly.

Moreover, it should be noted that the water is vital for the operation of the cells. You must bring enough to your organization. We minimize the consumption of 1.5 liter of water per day. Your well-being depends on it.


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