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Herbalife Skin

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Herbalife Skin

The Herbalife Skin products that you can buy in our Herbalife online store are creams, gels, cleansers, toners  to apply directly to the skin. A wonderful gift for someone or for yourself to take even more care of us and our skin!

What products are in the Herbalife Skin range?

There are several products that will allow you to pamper your skin, refresh, tone or cleanse it:

If you have a question about any of these products, you can contact us or even order your herbalife skin product test kitat an advantageous price. All products are without added parabens, sulfates and are not tested on animals!

This kit contains:

  • A Mini Soothing Cleanser with Aloe Vera - 50 ml
  • A Mini Daily Radiance Moisturizer - 15 ml
  • A Mini Regenerative Night Cream - 15 ml
  • Two samples of the Eye Contour Moisturizer - 2 x 2ml
  • Two samples of Eye Contour Firming Gel - 2 x 2 ml

Enough to easily test the products of the Herbalife skin range! some of these products contain collagen, vitamins ... An effective composition and

Our opinion on Herbalife Skin products

If you love Herbalife products and like to take care of yourself, there is no doubt that you will like products from the Herbalife skin range.

It is true that with nutrition-related products, we take overall care of ourselves by working on "our food and the interior of our body, on what it assimilates". However, it is very interesting to also work outside. Our body producing sebum, dead skin, other impurities, it is interesting to use the different products of the Herbalife Skin range that you can order and buy online here.

Our favorite? Certainly the aloe cleanser and soothing will see. It will do a job that is twofold: cleanse your skin of impurities and of course, repair your skin by moisturizing it with aloe. It is also useful for acne.

The skin range is also a great gift for parents, family, friends by making them discover another aspect of Herbalife, less linked to sport and more "cocoon". A surprising gift that will make people happy!

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