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Herbalife Nutrition for gaining weight and muscle - weight -

Sep 16, 18
Herbalife Nutrition for gaining weight and muscle - weight -

Herbalife Nutrition offers a complete range of products to enhance the muscle mass and muscle such as drinks and protein bars. With a balanced meal and strength training, it is certain that you can succeed in your weight gain and muscle gain. Your Herbalife coach Nutrition can even track your results and show you your results through the balance-indicating your amount of muscle and fat mass !

How to successfully gain weight and increase calories ?

First of all, you need to know how weight gain works. Some eat everything and anything at any time, increase their number of meals, etc, It is especially necessary to distinguish three very important elements :

  1. The quality of the nutrients because even in the mass we are going to take care of our bodies.
  2. The threshold to exceed per day of calories and how the latter evolves according to the needs.
  3. The meals and at what times of the day it's optimal to eat to gain weight.

Without forgetting, of course, the balance with the sport that you need to perform. We will promote the sessions short and why not with weight. However, it is quite possible to work perfectly only with the weight of the body. The exercises in the body weight being less traumatic for the body and muscles and the most respectful of the joints. It will be a diet greedy while doing a bit of sport !

How to make a weight with Herbalife products ?

Herbalife Nutrition is known for its meals to lose weight or gain muscle. The goal is to bring you a healthier lifestyle and a healthier diet and varied. Thus, the products Herbalifes are complementary , which does not replace completely with a balanced diet. We will therefore put forward the famous Formula 1 in breakfast along with other products like aloe it while eating lunch and in the evening a balanced meal. It will contribute to good hydration all day long with the product with Aloe vera and a more restful sleep and recovery with The Restor of Herbalife Nutrition.

Thus, one can imagine a mass and muscle in the following manner with Herbalife nutrition while imagining a phase of dry :

  • A small breakfast in the morning between 7am and 8am with Formula 1 + Aloe + tea available here at the best price.
  • A snack at 10AM in the basis only of fruit, seeds, peanut butter. We can imagine a fruit smoothie with spirulina, or fruit juice pressed with a fruit compote and a slice of peanut butter.
  • A normal meal at lunchtime, have fun but avoid excess of sweets ! We take vegetables, starchy foods, and why not a meat or a fish.
  • 16H, it is snack time ! One will be a shaker protein of the Herbalife Nutrition accompanied also raspberries, oats, peanut butter, bananas...
  • 19H, it is time to eat, it is fun also such as during the noon meal. It is in muscle mass, eat until satiety.
  • Before you sleep, it will take another shaker protein as well as the famous restor to have a beautiful night's rest. Attention, make sure you very good sleep, this is the phase where muscle is built. It is generally recommended to sleep 8h per night.

Herbalife offers shakers for vegétariens, vegan and intolerant to gluten.

Throughout these meals, we will adhere to the following rules :

  • It will total the number of kcal absorbed to ensure they are above what our bodies need each day.
  • We will take products and food quality. Our body is a temple and it is your first habitat.
  • We hydrate properly and you will respect periods of rest, because a good sleep is one of the main criteria according to studies to speed up her physical recovery.

At the level of the sport, one can imagine different programs and it is quite possible by making the body weight.

One can imagine work in the following manner with short sessions of less than 40 minutes :

  • The first day you work arms, pecs, and back.
  • The second day we did the abs and a little cardio (short run, short session of badminton, etc.).
  • On the third day, we will work the legs.
  • We repeat this two more times, and we made a day of rest.

We can also imagine to work in full body, that is to say, to do a session for the whole body with the famous burpees and additional exercises or even done crossfit and then take a day or two of rest and re-iterate. Choose exercises that engage a maximum of important muscles (pushups, squats, burpees) in order to maximize the outcome of each session.

Try placing your workout before breakfast or before the afternoon snack to be able to take directly after an excellent shaker herbalife nutrition and give your body the source of protein you need.

Then, once you have reached your weight, you can move on to the phase of dry to eliminate a maximum of fat that you have accumulated and draw the muscles that you have worked !

All the Herbalife products Nutrition for you to succeed in your muscle mass are available at an unbeatable price on our online store.

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