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Herbalife in Guadeloupe, Guyana, reunion, Martinique, Polynesia and Mayotte

Aug 08, 19
Herbalife in Guadeloupe, Guyana, reunion, Martinique, Polynesia and Mayotte

It is all possible to do order Herbalife nutrition products and get delivered if you live in the dom-tom. For this you can order on our Herbalife online store your favorite products like formula 1, aloe vera or tea (as well as all other Herbalife products)

How is the delivery of Herbalife products in the islands ?

It is necessary to know that the products will be delivered in a pick-up relay. You need to go into this relay to withdraw your order or arrange with the relay to get the package to your home. Here are the different addresses of Herbalife delivery points in the islands.

Order in Martinique

Here is the address of the relay to pick up your Herbalife package in Martinique

Zac L'etang Z'abricot - 64 rue Moilaminaire, BP 802
Fort de France, 97244

Getting delivered to Guadeloupe

For Guadeloupe, it is the schenker company that will take care of it

SCHENKER A2, commercial zone INTL Jarry Harbour Zone

Herbalife at Reunion

Here is the address where you will receive your package while at the meeting.

La Part des Anges, 9, Avenue Piton Batard

Buy on Mayotte

Unfortunately there is not yet an address of available

Herbalife in Guyana

SCHENKER, Zi Degrad des Cannes Immeuble CGIG

Receive your order while in French Polynesia

If you live in French Polynesia (Tahiti, bora bora, papeete...) you can withdraw your order at this address :

Herbalife Depot French Polynesia, SERDIS, Le Bihan, unit IO, 98716 PIRAE
Papeete, BP 5286

How to pick up my package in a pick-up relay ?

To get your Herbalife order, simply introduce yourself to the relay point and show your ID card. A tracking code is sent to you by sms to allow you to track the progress of your order and know when to remove it. It is currently the only and only way to order Herbalife nutrition products in the dom-tom.



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