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Herbalife for gaining weight and gaining weight or mass

Jun 06, 19
Herbalife for gaining weight and gaining weight or mass

Herbalife products are well known for their effectiveness on weight loss, to lose weight quickly and have a good figure all year round or just before summer. But can we gain pounds and gain weight with these famous breakfasts? The answer is yes !

Why do you want to get fat?

Not everyone has the same goal and not everyone has the same metabolism. Some lose weight more or less quickly and some gain weight slowly. Their fast metabolism which consumes calories faster than the average makes them keep a slim and slender figure. These people may therefore wish to gain weight to gain a few pounds.

How to gain weight?

A term often heard in bodybuilding, it is simply to increase the calorie intake and make it greater than the daily calorie expenditure.

Why can't I gain weight?

There are two factors to take into account when you want to gain weight: calorie intake and essential nutrient intake.  Very often people increase their total calories over the day but do not gain weight. Or very often people complain about being able to eat anything and everything without being able to gain a kilo and gain muscle.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day

In your breakfast Formula 1  you will find in the right caloric balance all the nutrients that your body needs upon waking. It will therefore allow you to start the day with a full breakfast rich in nutrients and which will promote the construction of muscle mass, therefore weight gain.

The Protein drink mix  is essential and complements the contribution of Formula 1 upon waking. Mix 2 spoons of Formula 1 and 2 of this protein drink to get an extra supply of calories and protein, which will double the rate of weight gain.

The importance of protein snacks

3 meals (morning, noon) are not enough to gain weight. Snacks between meals should be added throughout the day to continue increasing calorie and protein intake. We recommend our protein snack bars  which come in 3 flavors to make healthy snacks and will help you reach your goal.

The importance of recovery

When you finish your workout the muscle fibers are damaged due to exertion and a recovery drink is mandatory to rebuild muscle mass and continue gaining weight.

You have for that the Rebuild Strengh  which contains all the necessary inputs for recovery and building muscles after the workout. Chocolate flavor, very soft on the palate, very digestible, it is perfect to take in a shaker after your session at the gym, your crossfit session, or simply after a muscle building or HIIT session.

In conclusion, a day of mass gain goes like this:

  • Breakfast: Formula 1 + Protein drink mix
  • Morning snack: Protein bar
  • Noon: Balanced meal
  • After snack if no sport: Protein snack bar
  • Snack if sport: Rebuild Strength at the end of the session
  • Evening: Balanced meal

So who is ready to gain weight with herbalife?

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