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Herbalife in France: Is the market developed?

Jan 08, 21
Herbalife in France: Is the market developed?

Herbalife France is the subsidiary of the American company Herbalife Nutrition. This subsidiary has settled in France to allow French to easily access Herbalife Nutrition products. It's already decades than the hard adventure. So, it is legitimate to go on a horizon to see if Herbalife France happens to respond properly to the needs of its clientele. Also, it will be necessary to check if the market has developed well since then. These are the objectives assigned to this article.

Herbalife Nutrition in Herbalife France

Herbalife France - Presentation of the company

Mark Hughes founded the Herbalife Nutrition company in the United States of America in 1980. The company sits in Los Angeles and is recognized by the authorities as a publicly affected publicly offset company. As indicated by its name, Herbalife Nutrition is specialized in the nutrition and community well-being sector across thefood. The ideals and products of the latter quickly echo the general public. Thus, the success of the company did not wait. Indeed, since the second year of its creation, it closes its account with a turnover of more than 2 million US dollars.

This rapid success has given promoters the idea of ​​exporting to other countries. Thus, they joined the Canadian market near and gradually the other continents. The company today has a turnover estimated at 4.4 billion US dollars and is present in 90 countries around the world, including France (Herbalife France).

In France, the Herbalife Nutrition company has settled since 1990 or 30 years of existence today thanks to its international Herbalife French subsidiary. Herbalife International France headquarters in Alsace (Mundolsheim) near the city of Strasbourg. It has been declared as a public limited company. Gradually, Herbalife France is growing and today has about forty employees. At the end of the 2017 budget year, Herbalife France recorded a turnover of 58.9 million euros. Finally, Herbalife France has more than 100 product references to its credit.

What is the methodological approach of Herbalife France?

The nutritional approach of Herbalife France is the same as that of Herbalife Nutrition because it is the same society. It is a more or less innovative approach that tends to distinguish from others. Indeed, herbalife nutrition put much more on the balance of the components (nutrients) of a meal. This involves finding a better balance between lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. Moreover, it is the first fundamental axis of its nutrition program. And so, it occupies 80% of the proposed customer solutions.

Sports activity is the second axis of the Herbalife Nutrition Program. This axis concentrates 20% of the company's program. For the company, a balanced diet is a good thing, but this is even better when associated with sporting activities formatting. Thus, by combining a food balance and sports activities, the company tries to ensure well-being to all its clientele. It is also its main vision.

Finally, there is a third axis that is much more linked to the first two. This is the counseling. Indeed, Herbalife does not just put products available to customers and help them have community sports activities. She goes well beyond. Herbalife France brings training and technical support to the clientele for the design of the balanced menus it can easily concoct at home for its well-being. This topic also takes into account the accompaniment of amateur athletes as professionals. The goal is to help them achieve the best performances.

How is the distribution of products in Herbalife France?

Herbalife France as the Herbalife Nutrition Ridge Structure opted for direct distribution. Indeed, Herbalife does not have external intermediaries like pharmacies, stores and supermarkets for the distribution of its products. The product transites directly from the company to the customer via the so-called independent distributors.

We call independent distributor Any non-salaried person from Herbalife France who voluntarily decides to distribute Herbalife products. Independent distributors are paid on sales commission. Distributors usually start in France with the status of independent home seller (VDI). This distribution system has the advantage of creating personalized relationships between the client and the distributor. This also responds to one of Herbalife's goals: that of creating a community. Thus, VDIs have the opportunity to advise or coach customers.

What are the distribution and remuneration levels in Herbalife France?

Herbalife France - The different levels of remuneration

Of the general public, all those who distribute Herbalife France products are independent distributors. Which is not at all true, because the distribution of products is a direct distribution that is done in 3 levels. The first is what is called the independent home seller (VDI). This is the starting point for any distributor. The VDI takes the products directly from the company. The latter gives them with reductions that constitute its profit margin in case of sale. The benefits Are important and can go up to 50% depending on the level of sales. This sales technique has been integrating Herbalife France into the French Federation of Direct Sales.

You can exceed this level and go to a higher level if you realize a number of sales regularly. Herbalife France can help you become an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is like a commercial manager who is responsible for commercial agents. So, as an entrepreneur, you will be in charge of independent home seller (VDI) that you will recruit and train to distribute.

At this level, your remuneration is a commission calculated on the turnover achieved by each VDI. This commission is generally between 25 and 50%. This is the first type of remuneration that the distribution contractor could have. Apart from sales commissions, you can have a second level of remuneration as a distribution entrepreneur. This is the royaltie premium. It comes to reward the coaching and organization work you do to allow VDI to achieve good performance. The business entrepreneur distributor is profitable to the extent that you will not have an initial financial investment to recruit and train your VDIs.

Some products best sold by Herbalife France

Herbalife France offers several product lines on the market. Among them, some are more solicited by the clientele. We can mention among others:

Formula 1 Herbalife

The Formula 1 is one of the most sold products by Herbalife France. Moreover, it is often present in the composition of the products or in the available packs. Formula 1 Herbalife presents itself as a food substitute. Like all Herbalife products, Formula 1 has a perfect nutritional balance in nutrient. Composers have made sure to find the perfect balance between items such as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, amino acids and other nutrients.

Also, to respond to the diversity of organizations, Herbalife has made available to his clientele several varieties of Formula 1. So you can have on the market, Formula 1 gluten-free and lactose-free, Formula 1 without sugar and well. Others. It is the same with regard to taste. You can have flavored, vanillas, chocolates and even raspberry tastes.

Formula 1 is a balanced special nutritional composition made from milk of very good quality and soy protein. Formula 1 specific gluten-free, soy-free, lactose and sugar-free soy have been developed from pea proteins and some plants. These are Formula 1 adapted to vegetarians for example.

This diversity of Formula 1 naturally induces a diversity of each of the constituent elements. And so of the energy intake even if in the end, we will have the same result: your well-being. Indeed, by their compositions, the different varieties of Formula 1 aim to bring the necessary nutrients to your body while ensuring your weight. They help you lose weight. Also, they fight against fatigue by their antioxidant property.

QuickStar Herbalife Slimming Pack Products

The QuickStar Herbalife Slimming Pack is an association of 4 different Herbalife products. These are the new generations formula. This pack is on the market to help obese people or eager to lose weight to reach their goal fairly without prejudice to their health. Formula 1 of the QuickStar Herbalife Slimming Pack can be used in a variety of ways. You have the option to substitute them for some of your daily meals or use them in food supplement. This package includes:

Slimming Drink Formula 1 Herbalife

The Formula 1 slimming beverage is the main component of this pack. It is she who does the great work of degreased and eliminating the toxins of your body. As for its use, you recommend taking a box of 550 g that you will use 2 times a day substitute for 2 meals. The results will be very satisfactory after only 3 weeks of rigorous use.

Neutral protein Formula 3 Herbalife

Second component of the pack, the Slimming Protein Formula 3 Herbalife aims to bring you the necessary proteins to your body as the Slimming Drink Formula 1 makes the work of degreasing. The goal is to maintain the balance of your body components. She enriches muscle tissue and allows to have the perfect weight especially at the belly level. It is also to use over three weeks. You will have to buy the 240 g box and you just consume a tablespoon after each meal.

Fiber supplements

Third component of this pack, fiber supplements help you have an easy gastric transit. Indeed, chronic indigestion are part of the reasons for obesity and bloated ventures. The body finds the way to store somewhere what it can not evacuate. To avoid it, you must regularly use fiber supplements. This helps you have a fluid gastric transit. The 162 g box is often advised to use for 1 and a half months (6 weeks).

The multi vitamin supplement

THE 4th Component of this pack is the multi vitamin complement. It is also a very essential element in this pack. Indeed, when the Formula 1 Slimming has started its role of degreasing, imbalances are observed at the level of vitamins. And if nothing is done, these imbalances will be prejudicial to your health and cause other diseases. To avoid them, you must consume the complement multi vitamin. Generally, you recommend the 180 g box that contains 90 tablets. It is to use for six weeks.

The Herbalife France market

Well-being is a major concern in the minds of most French people. Thus, the latter give themselves the means necessary to feel in good shape. Thus, they are constantly looking for effective solutions or tricks to treat diseases such as obesity. Herbalife France brings them the solution. So, they exploit it thoroughly. This makes the Herbalife market consistently and in full progress each year. Moreover, the turnover of the company testifies. For example, for the year 2017, the company has made a turnover 58.9 million euros. This figure has evolved in 2018 to reach the sum of 61.4 million euros. The share of the profits recorded for 2018 is € 1,730,228.

These different figures testify to the importance of Herbalife France in the daily life of the French even if it has not yet a total coverage. The Herbalife France market is well developed and still has progress margins for the future.

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