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How to sell and distribute herbalife nutrition products?

May 29, 19
How to sell and distribute herbalife nutrition products?

Herbalife is widely known around the world for its results on weightloss, weight gain, to help athletes thanks to these famous "shakeTo take at breakfast, which makes it a successful brand. It also offers the possibility of reselling to make more income at the end of the month and avoid overdrafts! We all know a person around us who has already told us "I sell Herbalife products and I earn money! "

Many people therefore want to become members in order to resell the products and earn money. How does it work? How to become a distributor and how much money can you earn with Herbalife Nutrition?

What income or salary supplement with Herbalife?

There are two types of cases that can occur.

Additional income

The majority of Herbalife distributors earn additional income by developing this activity, alongside their work or their studies. It is indeed a very good simple and quick solution to make pocket money and make ends meet, pay a credit, afford a trip, or simply make profit from your own personal consumption of the products. . So we will be on income ranging from a few tens of euros to amounts like € 350, € 500, € 700, € 1,000 per month.

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Financial independence

A minority embarked on this full-time activity with the desire toundertake  and become his own boss and become free. Even if it is rarer since it takes a stronger state of mind and will, it is worth it! The monthly income when you start full-time in this activity far exceeds several thousand euros, even tens of thousands of euros after a few years. Enough to satisfy all entrepreneurs who love money!

How does compensation work?

The brand is based on a simple concept, providing a nutritional and financial solution. It will therefore be enough for you to make these two aspects known as much as possible according to your desired income to get started:

  • Consumers on whom you will make 25% to 50% profit.
  • Other distributors who will bring you commissions of up to 50% too.

It's a funnel, the more people you start, the more you earn. The more satisfied consumers you have, the more you will find others (word of mouth), and the more distributors you will have, the higher your income will be.

What legal status or form of business for an independent herbalife seller?

Herbalife Nutrition is part of the FFVD  : French Federation of direct sales, a VDI status, which offers a lot of advantages! :

  • 6000 € per year considered as personal consumption and therefore not taxable.
  • No tax like a self-employed entrepreneur can have up to 26%.
  • The possibility of developing your business by combining your ARE (Return to employment allowance for Pôle Emploi) 

Herbalife method to finance its products by selling formula 1, tea and aloe

What training to be a herbalife distributor?

Distributors do not pretend to be sports coaches, dieticians or nutritionists. They are simply there to make it accessible to the greatest number a range of products and allow people to achieve a slimming goal for example.

The company still provides simple and quick online training on nutrition, how to advise products, and provides help and ongoing support to grow its business and earn more money in the long term.

How to become a herbalife member?

You just have to contact us so that we can support you in your start-up and allow you to succeed as quickly as possible. We are a team so we will help you! Write to us here  and we will get back to you very quickly to answer your questions.

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