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How to order Herbalife and its products on the internet?

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How to order Herbalife and its products on the internet?

There are several ways to order herbalife nutrition products on the internet. It all depends on your status. Are you a Herbalife distributor and are you ordering products for a customer? Where do you want toto buy Herbalife products online?  You absolutely need a herbalife license to be able to order the products and resell them. If not, you can order directly on our Herbalife store, simple and intuitive with free registration to see prices.

How to order Herbalife products as an individual?

If you are an individual and you do not have a Herbalife license (payable annually), then you can order your products directly on our online store to benefit from excellent prices!

  1. Click-on the top right on the little "guy" to register for free.
  2. Enter a password and email.
  3. You can now see the catalog with the prices of the products!
  4. Click on the button "Add to Cart"to add herbalife products to your cart.
  5. Once everything is ok, you can pay by paypal or bank card, via secure payment.

Our site offers products directly from Herbalife. We have the resale license since we are an independent herbalife nutrition member.

So you can easily order your herbalife products online and have them delivered to your home by DPD or at a relay point! If you are overseas and in the dom tom, you will have to come and collect the package at Herbalife relay points.

A Herbalife store to order online


Order herbalife products for customers

If you have a Herbalife license, you will be able to start earning money and benefit from discounted products on your orders through the site myherbalife. No unlicensed individual can order these products!

Suddenly, you will be able to select the products, establish your margins and have them shipped directly to your customers. The procedure is simple:

  1. Log on to MyHerbalife.
  2. Select the products  to order.
  3. Enter your customer's address (or you can order for yourself)
  4. Pay by bank card.

The products will be directly packaged by Herbalife and shipped. You do not need to manage shipping or packages, it's dropshipping!

If you are not eligible to be a Herbalife independent distributor, order your products online through our shop!

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