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Is there a need for a medical opinion to consume Herbalife without danger?

Oct 12, 18
Is there a need for a medical opinion to consume Herbalife without danger?

Before eating a product for a diet, it may be interesting to consult your doctor for a medical opinion, particularly in the case of weight loss.

Why a medical opinion may be required

As you know, Herbalife products are food supplements, not medicines. They are not there to deal with Diseases, symptoms, but to get you back in shape through a better diet.

Many people can make a fixation on their bodies, their weight. This is the case if you are too fat, for example, you are already skinny. In this case, entering a weight loss regime is dangerous.

Other cases also require a Medical consultation:

  • If you are Heart And you want to use a product that boosts your performance to Guarana base For example, or a product to burn fat faster.
  • If you are Pregnant, we do not recommend our food supplements. Herbalife products are safe but we prefer that you adopt organic food, without alcohol and balance naturally.

On the other hand, it is well defined that Herbalife offers food supplements and that it must be taken in addition to meals, not to stop eating vegetables, fruit, to have a varied diet. We don't want to sell slimming capsules, but we offer you meal replacements for a healthy diet. It's not to follow a diet that will tell you how to lose weight, but a grip on your health and physical activity. Our nutritional solution is often mistaken for a diet or slimming diet with fatty acid burner. It is simply a healthier way to feed and follow his life.

Herbalife products are designed with doctors and nutritionists

All the products you eat at Herbalife have been produced with the help of renowned doctors and nutritionists, including even one Nobel Prize, Lou Ignarro! The goal is to bring you the best products to improve your diet.

A better diet, more qualitative, will allow you to overcome daily tiredness, be in Better health, have more energy, have a more beautiful skin ... In short, benefits in his life as well as taking care of his body and mind. Not to mention that the majority of Herbalife products are very greedy.

If you do not have a Against indications, you can completely consume the products Herbalife without danger and start at Change your nutrition, to lose weight, aim for a fitness or gain muscle!

Small development on thinness products Herbalife or burning greases

We hear a lot about losing weight with Herbalife products thanks to a grease burn etc. That is necessary. At Herbalife, we do not propose products or program thinness, but to review your diet and lifestyle for you Boost And achieve your goals.

Thus you will not find a product to obtain a flat belly, or amincing cream or medicine for quick bite.

At Herbalife, we propose to practice regular physical activity and help you to control your sensation of hunger with a meal replacement such as formula 1. So we can't talk about weight loss, but it's logical that you're going to achieve your fitness goal by practicing sports and replacing the morning butter growth with our amazing shaker, which brings all the nutrients.

For example, there are no magic pill and capsules. We are going to help you to accept your superfluous kilos and say goodbye by making sports, for example, and eating better and not by swallowing slimming pills. Nutrition is the heart of muscle taking or to lose weight. If you eat better, you will feel better.

For our part, our products are composed of natural ingredients without sweeteners. Food is rich in vitamins and minerals allowing you to fill the gaps thanks to our supplements, and thus to have a meilerue hygiene of life! So to be more fit to go and make sports and to refine and strengthen, delete the Abdominal fat And burn categories.

If you have the slightest doubt or allergy, only the advice of a doctor and a nutritionist can help you in this matter, we are not intended to give you medial advice, such as taking care of your liver or even providing stimulants to lose weight. Because, as you know, every drug and diet can have Adverse reactions. Our main drink is the one at Aloe vera and green tea, nothing worrying and absolutely natural. In fact, we mostly use plant proteins in our products;-)

We do not propose a hyperproteinized diet but a real reactivation of votreo rganism to be boosted and to have energy. In this way, you will be ready to fight against the Cells Greasy That you want to eliminate.

You can take on complementary products, make a slimmer diet etc, but how long will you take? With Herbalife, you will have a balanced diet, low in fat and reach your ideal weight (you can easily take muscle with Herbalife). We will teach you to control your feelings of hunger and to maintain a lasting solution with our dietetic solution. Free to make big muscle or get a flat belly!

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