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Amazon Herbalife - Is it a good idea to buy these illegal used products?

Feb 18, 20
Amazon Herbalife - Is it a good idea to buy these illegal used products?

Many sellers offer Herbalife products on Amazon. Outside the latter have absolutely no right to be on this platform and propose mainly outdated products, poorly stored at Amazon (not good health standards) and of course second hand. Here's what you need to do.

Why herbalife banned her sellers sell on amazon

You have noticed it on our site, prices are hidden. It is Herbalife Nutrition who asks to do that and it's quite logical. If all prices are shown, it would mean that we comes directly to the work of distributors directly Herbalife who do not have a website. By registering for free on a Herbalife site, we display a message asking if you are already in contact with a seller or not :-). If you are not, you can start your adventure and your orders with us and we can show our prices. Otherwise, you can continue to work with the distributor you know (of course you can order at home and your distributor).

The goal is not to compete and each seller works with his list of customers privileged. Show Prices is therefore completely prohibited by Herbalife. You have it noticed, on Amazon, the products are shown with the price.

So these are sellers who no longer have the Herbalife license where we received a blade. In addition to having to remove their account and do not honor their order, they can be totally forbidden to sell products. The latter therefore made stocks often expired now that they resell.

The price is higher at Amazon than on our website

On the majority of Amazon sites you will find Formula 1 around 50 € while We sell it 20% cheaper and new! So, if you buy Herbalife products like aloe, tea or Formula 1, you will have:

  • Products potentially outmoded.
  • A seller who sells the stock while he no longer has the right to his license.
  • A price 20% more expensive.
  • You do not have the last tastes.
  • You do not have any advice or tracking or can even integrate our superb team.

Than disadvantages, knowing that most of these products are stored at amazon in conditions where there is no food standard (rupture of the cold, aloe can get hot, etc) is not at all suitable for selling nutritional products. Some even receive products drilled or already consumed since used. For us, as a Herbalife distributor Nutrition, a shame to see that vendors offer these products on Amazon. It's the same thing on Facebook and Leboncoin marketplace.

Feel free to order your products on Amazon, buy them from these sellers, but clearly you do not do a deal :-)

To get your Herbalife products, order directly here. You will be sure (e) to obtain new products, quality and can even become a distributor if you want to win your independence with Herbalife!

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