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Can we buy Herbalife without coach?

Jan 15, 21
Can we buy Herbalife without coach?

Make a purchase Herbalife is not as difficult as that might appear. It is true that the company's products are not available in pharmacies or some of the usual food distribution places. To access it, the Herbalife product distribution circuit must be controlled. How is the distribution of Herbalife products? Do we necessarily need a coach to get it? These are the questions to which this article strives to provide answers.

Buy Herbalife: What is Herbalife Nutrition?

Buy Herbalife - Presentation of the company

Created in 1980 in the city of Los Angeles by Mark Hughes, Herbalife Nutrition is an American company involved in the nutrition sector. On the legal status side, Herbalife Nutrition is an anonymous company with public offering. The success of society did not wait. Indeed, only two years after its creation, it made a turnover valued at two million US dollars.

These first successes initiated the process of internationalization of society that has quickly established in Canada and gradually in the rest of the world. Today, it is present in more than 90 countries worldwide with an annual turnover estimated at US $ 4.4 billion.

As for their vocation, Herbalife Nutrition, as the name already shows it work in the field of nutrition. Its purpose is to ensure the general well-being of its customers by bringing them the components of a healthy diet and some sports sections. Herbalife products are distributed to multi-level network marketing consumers (3 levels). To buy from Herbalife, you just have to get in touch with one of his distributors.

Buy Herbalife: What is the company's nutritional concept?

Buy Herbalife - The Nutrition Concept of the Company

Herbalife Nutrition is a little more different from all that already exists on the market. Apart from all that already exists, Herbalife specializes in nutritional balance. Indeed, the Herbalife Nutrition approach revolves around three pillars. It is: a healthy and balanced diet, physical exercises and accompaniment. The healthy and balanced diet component is to offer consumers food supplements which have a better equilibrium in carbohydrates, protected, vitamins, lipids and other nutrients. This component represents 80% of the service offered by Herbalife Nutrition. This is justified by the assertion that states that health or well-being is in food.

The sport activity component is 20% of the services offered. The sports program of Herbalife Nutrition is to do some exercises in community with consumers to keep them fit. These first two aspects contribute to weight reduction among Herbalife consumers.

Finally, the last aspect concerns the accompaniment of sports. This aspect is linked to the two precedents. The difference is that here we take into account the specific nutritional needs of athletes in order to help them boost their performance on the ground. Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, you can buy Herbalife and improve your well-being and sports performance.

Buy Herbalife: Some products available

To effectively meet the needs and requirements of its customers, Herbalife Nutrition has developed a variety of products adapted to specific needs. It can be enumerated, among other things:

Formula 1 Herbalife

One of the great success of Herbalife Nutrition, Formula 1 is a dietary substitute for the diet. There are several varieties of Formula 1 Herbalife on the market. You will have to choose according to taste and perfume. Vanilla aromas and even in taste, you will have for your account.

Formula 1 Herbalife is balanced in protein, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and other nutrients. Indeed, it has been made from soy proteins and superior milk.

All these properties give it a vital role in the process of the well-being of the organization. A mixture of 26 grams of Formula 1 with 250 ml of creamed milk, used each morning makes some nutrient contributions to the body. In terms of energy, each grip brings 220 kcal. Similarly, the proportions of protein, lipids, carbohydrates consider respectively at 18 g, 6.4 g and 21.4 g. Fibers and sodium are found in respective proportions of 2.4 g and 0.26 g. As for vitamins, the mixture brings the B12, riboflavin and B6. Also, we have the presence of zinc, selenium and vitamin E. These different nutrients enrich the body and help fight against oxidative stress. Also, they participate in the decrease in weight among consumers.

Finally, there are improved or specified versions of Formula 1 Herbalife. These different versions are described as Formula 1 new generation. The gluten can be distinguished, the formula 1 banana, spicy apple and latent coffee.

QuickStar Herbalife Slimming Pack

The QuickStar Herbalife Slimming Pack brings together four specific varieties of Formula 1. These are Formula 1 new banana generations, spicy apple and latent coffee. This pack helps you lose weight when you opt for good eating habits. You can replace two of your daily meals with a slimming drink. Indeed, the weight is a ratio between the amount of energy brought to the body and the real need of the latter. An overweight is explained by a surplus ofenergy at the level of the body. That means you bring him more than it needs it. However, you can eliminate this excess by other additional activities. In the absence of this, you can buy this Herbalife pack that will be great use.

The QuickStar Herbalife Slimming Pack consists of:

Slimming Drink Formula 1 Herbalife

You can use it to substitute 2 meals a day over three weeks and the effects will be visible. It exists with a mint and chocolate flavor. A box of 550 g would suffice.

Neutral protein Formula 3 Herbalife

As the previous product of the pack, a three-week use is recommended. You can buy a box of 240 g to use with each slimming meal (a tablespoon). This protein has the role of enriching your muscle tissues and adjust your weight, especially at the turn of the size.

Fiber supplements

The fiber supplements are the third element of the QuickStar Herbalife Slimming Pack. Fibers are crucial for gastric transit. To do this, you recommend regular use. This helps you eliminate the toxins of your body. Generally, a box of 162 g is recommended for six weeks.

The multi vitamin supplement

It's the 4th and last element of the pack. It is in a box of 180 g. This box contains 90 tablets you will have to use over six weeks. This complement plays a very important role in the weight loss process. Indeed, weight loss can induce imbalances at certain nutrients such as vitamins. These imbalances if they are not corrected as and when can generate other health problems. To avoid it, we therefore opt for this multi vitamin complement whose role is to maintain the body in perfect health while losing weight.

Formula 1 gluten free

Formula 1 gluten free is a set of well-shaped products in a shake. It contains neither lactose nor soy. Its flavor is white and raspberry chocolate. Formula 1 gluten free is a special drink that brings you a nutritional balance. She is very protein richbecause it is synthesized based on pea proteins, which allows it to increase your muscle mass. With regard to other nutrients, Formula 1 gluten contains lipids, minerals, vitamins (around 25), including the D which strengthens immunity and C for its anti-fatigue role.

This formula 1 gluten-free has been developed specifically to meet your special food needs while bringing to your organization the necessary to be in perfect health. As for its use, you can substitute it for a meal. Also, you have the opportunity to use it to replace one of the daily meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner). Each use, take 26 g of Formula 1 gluten free, without lactose and add it to creamed milk (250 ml). You can buy at Herbalife, Formula 1 gluten-free when you are subject to a low calorie diet.

Buy Herbalife: How is the distribution circuit organized?  

Unlike several organizations, Herbalife Nutrition opted for a direct distribution mechanism. Indeed, Herbalife products are not available in supermarkets or at the level of pharmacies. This mechanism is to put the product available to consumers through independent distributors. One independent distributor is a volunteer person to distribute Herbalife products for a sales commission. This sales commission can go up to 50% on products sold. It depends on the number of sales.

In general, in France, the independent distributor starts with the independent home seller status (VDI). VDIs are trained and are in direct contact with consumers. This allows them to provide them with advice on choosing certain products or how to eat healthy and balanced all the time. It is in a way a mechanism for monitoring consumers andconsulting. At Herbalife, the VDIs of coaches are described. So, an independent distributor is a coach.

Buy Herbalife: What are the distribution levels and what are the remuneration?

Although they are almost all known as independent distributors, it is important to make shades and know the distribution levels. As explained above, the first level is self-employed seller (VDI). The VDI is not a fixed employee of the company. It is a reseller of herbalife products with beneficiary margins. These margins may vary between 25 and 50% compared to the purchase price. Thanks to this sales system, Herbalife Nutrition France is part of the French Federation of Direct Sales.

If your sales regularly reach a certain level, the company can offer you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. So, you recruit to your VDI tour. Thus, you will have a profit margin of between 25 and 50% commission on sales made by your VDI. This is the first level of remuneration as a distribution entrepreneur. The second level of compensation concerns royalties premiums. As the first, this commission depends on the number of sales of your independent distributors. The amount of this premium can go up to 5% of sales made by your VDI. What is interesting in this sales mechanism is that you will not have to invest in the recruitment of your VDIs. Similarly, you do not earn money when they make sales. To do this, you must motivate them and coach them.

This distribution mechanism makes that as a consumer you can buy Herbalife from the vendor at the traveling home. The product is only available from Herbalife distributors. Of course, these distributors can be both physical and virtual. This facilitates the monitoring and assistance mechanism of the clientele which is a fundamental value of Herbalife.

Buy Herbalife: What will finally remember?

From all the above, it should be retained that Herbalife Nutrition is a company specializing in the design and distribution of dietary supplements. Its goal is to ensure a perfect health to its customers. To do this, it puts on nutritional balance. Also, to ensure effective support for its customers, Herbalife Nutrition has set up a direct sales distribution system. Thus, each customer has the opportunity to be followed and accompanying by his coach to which he supplies.

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